Have you used your 1 off 2 Mars Easter Candies coupon yet from coupons.com? I can confirm that Mid-Ohio Kroger's do have single Snickers eggs on sale 2 for 1. Great way to get ready for those Easter Egg Hunts.



04/09/2011 12:19

....or to stash and eat yourself! After all your kids don't really like nuts right?

04/09/2011 19:01

Yes...yes...I have! I was going to tell you they were at Kroger 2 for $1. :) I got EIGHT, yes, EIGHT, hey they were free...and I tried one...and boy are they good! I was thinking they were "creme" eggs but they taste more like a snickers. SO YUMMY!!!!!! :)

04/09/2011 19:44

Corrie, I got 8 as well! I used my last coupon to get two actual bags though, going to let my students have an Easter egg hunt next week. It made me feel better about the fact that I am probably going to eat all of those Snickers eggs.

04/18/2011 15:28

I only had one coupon, haven't gone to saving multiples yet but I did get one for Anthony today. I got splurged a whole 30 cents on myself and tried the dove truffle egg. It was really good!


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