This weekend triple coupons at Kroger (Thursday - Sunday). Up to 50 cents.

Cemtral Ohio Stores, call ahead to check on your local store.
  1. Tony's Pizza on sale for 1 use 1 off 2 coupon. 50 each after coupon.
  2. Kids Yoplait 50 cent coupon usually retails around 2 dollars. Possibly around 50 cents for a 4 pack.
There are also a variety of Sunday paper coupons and coupons no longer available that can make for some great deals. So pull out your coupon stash and have fun.



Heather Jones
04/28/2011 19:34

You can also download a lot of coupons directly onto your Kroger card from Kroger.com and sites like Cellfire too.

04/29/2011 05:31

FYI Heather, those coupons will not be doubled or tripled that are on your Kroger card. They also can not be combined with paper coupons.

04/30/2011 19:36

I shopped at the Mt Gilead Krogers and they took paper coupons on top of e-coupons that I didn't realize were on my card.


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