You will have to excuse my inner farm girl hair today. I have been taking advantage of the warm weather to get my veggie seeds planted. As a Bzz agent I received the Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner for free to review and try out. As a personal challenge to see what I thought of the product I have given myself a two week challenge where I have only used these products on my hair. I have not even used any styling products in the last week.

The product is overall in my weeks worth opinion, average. My hair is healthy as the product's purpose is to nurture dry hair. Done and check it has delivered in that regard. However, every morning when I wake up prior to washing my hair for the day, my hair is overall kinda greasy. The king of morning hair you would never let anyone see.

The product package boasts on the front that it contains three major health nutrients for your hair, avocado oil, olive oil and Shea. Of course as any good consumer knows the main ingredient in any product is always listed first in the ingredient list. Most of the time for anything this is water followed by a variety of other ingredients that only a student of science would know the definition for. I was however, surprised that far before on the list of the three advertised oils was another quite different oil. Castor oil, you know the oil that sick children receive in the likes of old Mary Poppins stories. So perhaps this is the oil that is weighing my hair down.I think this product would be best used in conjunction of other products so that the hair is not too heavily conditioned. So with that in mind for week two I will alternate a few other products in my repertoire that I have used before to see if I notice a difference.

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