Since Arizona's sales typically run Wednesday to Tuesday I am going to start featuring several stores for my sister on a weekly basis. I am going to compile all of the stores into one main post.


  • Kellog's Frosted Flakes 1.88 use coupon from Kellog's site for 1 off 2. Final price 1.38 a box 2.76 total.
  • Pork Ribs buy 1 get 2 with in store coupon, plus get two of when you also buy KC bbq sauce with this coupon.
  • Horizon Organic Milk 8oz singles 1, use the 75 cents off three coupon when you sign up with Horizon's site. Final price 3 for 2.25.
  • Dannon, Dan-o-nino or Light & Fit Yogurt 2 for 4. Buy 4 and get a Free Gallon of milk. No online coupons a variety of Sunday paper coupons for Dannon out there though.
  • Boulder Canyon Kettle chips 3 for 5 use coupon from coupons.com for 1 off 1. Final price 75 cents. Use zip code 95420. (Bags are smaller but cooked in healthier oils and also gluten free).
  • Bar S Franks 1 use the 1 off 2 coupon for 2 packs of hot dogs for 1.

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