Have you heard of BZZ AGENT. I am actually fairly new to this group, however, basically you take surveys and if you qualify you get to test out products to create BZZ about them. I took a survey on make up usage about a week and a half ago and it let me know right away that I qualified to receive the new Cover Girl products. I received one foundation and one lip gloss in the mail today. Wohoo! I love free make up. It looks like they have a lot of different types of "BZZCAMPAIGNS" including testing electronics and I even saw one for the Glee DVD.
As far as my BZZ about the Cover Girl products. So far I just used the lip gloss on the way to work. I liked the texture and the color. It did not last through work but it is one of those glosses I think you are supposed to reapply through out the day.

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    How a Tiffany Girl gone broke can feed her family and still dress like a diva for pennies a day.