I love getting the mail more then almost anything. Each day is like Christmas, with Sunday being the lull in my week. I truly never know what I am going to get or what I have signed up for. I vaguely remember seeing an email or maybe it was a posting on Hip2save about Allure magazine needing people to try out samples of parfume. Today I was pleasently surprised to recieve the above sample in my mailbox. It is .5 oz which is a rather nice sample as the retail value of the 1.7 oz size sells for 47 dollars and is currently sold out on Prescriptives website. I usually tend to wear spicy scents, Coco Channel and Opium are two faves. This scent is a little different for me very light and airy, think green tea and white lilies. I like it though a great light scent for the spring and summer months. The point of this story is sign up for everything you just never know what Santa will bring to your mailbox!

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    How a Tiffany Girl gone broke can feed her family and still dress like a diva for pennies a day.