Have you ever had a bad trip while couponing? I am not immune to this issue. Today I had a difficult experience at Kroger first they told me my coupons on the Mom's cereal were not right that they were copies with the same code. I was so flustered that I told her I would have to come back and to void everything out. After taking my restless toddler to the bathroom I went back, this time I ended up grabbing the wrong pasta to replace the cereal so the whole deal fell apart. I was so frustrated and agitated the clerk checked every code on all of my coupons I felt so awful. I was not treated well. I left with nothing. After my trip I checked my coupon codes they were all legit the only problem was that on two of the Mom's coupons they had the same last three numbers but the first 10 or so numbers were different. Know with my learned knowledge of what pasta to get I refigured the deal went back to the store closer to my house not the same as my bad experience. Took my husband and reworked the deal and let him go through the line as I was to frustrated to try. This time everything worked right, they were not rude to him and I got 12 boxes of pasta 4 boxes of cereal and 4 bags of chips for 80 cents. All of the pasta is going to a local food pantry. We all have bad days and clerks and I'm just thankful for a helpful husband. Just wanted to let you know we all have bad trips don't be afraid to walk away when things are wrong rework them and try again.
5/7/2011 05:57:06

I understand what you mean. I been there and just walk away and left with nothing. It was my first time and wanted to give up but at the end I just relax and went over before going again.


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