For complete CVS deals go to Iheartcvs.com

But here are a few of the cheapest deals:

Old El Passo 1.99 Sunday paper coupon for 1.00 of Tortillas stuffers (6/5/11). Final price 99 cents.

 Plus if you have errands in the area and are able stop in to CVS daily to scan your card at the coupon machine to get the 1.00 Pringles grab and go packs. You will snag these chips for free and it appears that you can get this coupon every day. Plus if you use your own bag with the special CVS card that when scaned 4 times gives you Extra Care Bucks you will have a dollar by the end of the week.

You can pair your Extra Care Bucks dollar with the other coupon the coupon machine is giving out which is a 1.00 of Twizzlers on sale for two.

6/28/2011 09:25:29 am

make sure you buy two Twizzlers to trigger the $1 extra care buck and combine with 2 coupons from this weekend to get them for 25 cents each :)


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