FINISH 20 pack POWERBALL TABS on sale for 3.00 use the 75 cents coupon found on Finish's site. Under promotions and offers. 2.25 Plus this item is part of a buy 20 get 10 back in Extra Care Bucks.
AIR WICK FRESHMATIC KIT on sale for 6 use the 4 off coupon found on Air Wick's site under coupons tab. Final cost 2. Also apart of the buy 20 sale.
LYSOL cleaner and toilet bowl cleaner 2.50 use the coupon on Lysol's site for 1 off. Under special offers tab. Also part of buy 20 sale
Deal Scenarios:
  1. Buy 4 Air Wicks for 24 dollars, use 4, 4 dollar coupons for 16 off. Pay 6 actual dollars get 10 in reward dollars.
  2. Buy 2 Air Wicks, 1 Finish Tab, 1 toilet bowl, one cleaner for 20. Use 2 Air Wick coupons, 1 Finsh coupon and 2 Lysol coupons. A total of 10.75 in coupons. Pay 9.25 and get 10 in reward dollars.
For more info go to the CVS add.

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