I received three of the new Blast Flipstick Cover Girl lipsticks from Bzz Agent, to try review and Bzz about. Three lipsticks that are actually more like 6 since each lipstick comes with two similar, complementing shades. I LOVED receiving these lipsticks since my very favorite lipstick had recently been smashed by an eager 4 year old who wants to be just like mommy.
I really wanted these lipsticks to just blow me away with their awesomeness and instead I was more content with average.
So let's list the pro's and con's

The Pro's
  1. Creamy quality texture.
  2. Softens and smooths lips.
  3. Dual shades that allow you to mix up your lip look.
The Con's

  1. Average, everyday shades.
  2. Not long lasting.

This will not be the lipstick to replace all of my lipsticks but as I find it on sale or a good buy it may find it's way into my make-up box. I would have like to find a shade that was closer to what I normally like to wear and may still have to do that. However, I do wish it would stay on the lips a little better without rubbing off so easily and it did on my collar of my white winter coat (pictured above) that I had only recently had laundered! All in all though Cover Girl is a tried and true quality product so you can't go wrong with that.

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