As a BZZ Agent I received a generous ammount of K-Cup Green Mountain Coffees in an assortment of flavors. I also recieved several coupons to share with friends. As luck would have it I do not have a k-cup machine and so the benefit of this fine product were the teachers at my husband's school. My husband brought the product and coupons and set them up at the pot for all to enjoy and share.
I know my husband especially enjoyed the Blueberry. As a product the coffee appears good and similar in flavor and taste to many other premium coffees. The reason really to buy Green Mountain is the fact that it is fair trade.

But what is that and what does that mean is it just another P.C trend term or does it mean something. In looking into the program it's goal is to help underdeveloped countries trade in a protected and fair manner to developed countries without being taken advantage of. Products like sugar, chocolate, wine.
One of the more popular of these types of products is coffee. What would we Americans do without coffee, what would I do without coffee? Coffee beans are not something commonly grown in the states as it takes a warmer climate. So how can we as ever consuming coffee drinking Americans due to make sure we are not having someone taken advantage of for our consumption.
The Fair Trade concept is attempting to broach that gap. Is it doing it are the workers in the field seeing the fruits of their hard labor? According to an article published by NY Times in September of this year 20 cents of every pound goes back to the community that the coffee is grown in. With organic beans yielding 20 cents to the community and 30 to the farmer. Last year the 17 million earned in fair trade premiums went back to the farming co-op's to invest in local schools and community projects.
So it is not just a trend or a P.C word it is going to do something. Does it do more then traditional products? That I can not find to compare. Still it would make sense if you are going to drink coffee to get something that is more socially responsible. In particular when the product is good, convenient and a better value then many other coffee alternatives on the market.
As a penny pincher consumer I also have to say that the product is of good value price wise. I often see good coupons online or for in store of the product. Most recentaly the Green Mountain retail website offered a 10 dollar voucher with your first order. In addition to being able to snag a pound of coffee for this price they also added a travel mug and when you joined their monthly club you got free filters and shipping. All in all a good price

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