So how do you host a party when you are broke? Can you still have friends over? Can you socialize? Well yes you can but it takes a lot of planning and prep and creativity. Tonight we crammed 13 adults 9 kids and 2 babies into our home for a party and fed all.
Here is how we did it.
Initially, I won a House Party, House Party is a great site that is an advertisement vehicle for companies. Various popular companies that have new products for people to try will select people via an online application to host a party for their friends to try their new product. I won a party from Philidelphia Cream cheese for their new Phillidelphia Creme sauce. They sent me a gift pack for gratuity coupons for the product plus tons of coupons and freebies for my friends. They also sent me a brand new skillet that sells on Amazon for about 100.
So how did I keep everything in budget.
First, I asked friends to contribute a veggie.
Second, I used things I had on hand and items I had gotten free in the past. Brownie mixes, pasta, paper plates etc,.
Third, I watched adds for several weeks before hand to get everything I needed cheap. Remember that shredded cheddar and lemonade I got for free using overage!
Total: Excluding items that I had or will continue to use eggs, oils, Parmesan cheese, etc. I spent about 5.70 out of my normal grocery list to purchase items just for the party.

3/12/2011 10:49:01 am

You two are sooo cute!

3/12/2011 09:56:40 pm

You are adorable! How was the food? Which dish did you make? I bought the Italian cheese/herb cooking cream and made the pasta with veggies and chicken....just thought it was so so.

Gretchen Jones
3/13/2011 03:31:07 am

The food was good. We did build our own pastas to keep it simple with a choice between the Italian Herb and Savory Garlic sauce. My favorite is the Savory Garlic. I also used the plain in the mac and cheese for the kids and a pumpkin cheese cake. I don't think the cream cheese worked to well in the mac and cheese though, oh well trial and error. I have also cooked with the Santa Fe, used that last week in a Mexican Lasagna, that was very yummy.


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    How a Tiffany Girl gone broke can feed her family and still dress like a diva for pennies a day.