I was able to use the coupon for free candy up to a two dollar value on a full size bag of candy that was on sale. The cashier was grumpy and tried to tell me that I had to choose between the 4 candies pictured. I told her that is not what the coupon says. So she scanned it and it worked fine. She then cashed it out and started a new transaction for my 1 off Kellogs coupon where I was going to get another free travel cup. She said it wouldn't work and that I had to buy a big box. I told her it worked yesterday. I am still not sure why it didn't work, but I suspect she did not rescan my CVS card before she started the second transaction. I don't know why some cashiers get so angry when you get a great deal, but oh well I'll go back tomorrow when she isn't working.

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    How a Tiffany Girl gone broke can feed her family and still dress like a diva for pennies a day.