Are you ready for round two? Many of the same amazing deals are the same this week.The free pasta and 24 cereal are available with the coupons mentioned in last weeks post. The Bolder Mountain chips are still on sale as well, however the 1 off coupon is gone there is a coupon available at zip 90210 for 1 off 2 on coupons.com
In addition here are a few new deals:
  1. Hebrew National and Nathan's Famous hot dogs 2 for 6.  There was a 1 off coupon in the Sunday paper a few weeks back. Even so these are both of my favorite brands and these prices are great. I am picky about hot dogs so I am willing to pay a little more for these. I will be hunting all week though for coupons for these items and will let you know if I find any.
  2. Jell-O Temptations part of Mega 10 Sale need to buy 10 items within category to get best price.1.99 use 1.00 off coupon final price 99 cents.
  3. Michelina's 88 cents each 1 off 5 coupon here. 3.40 for 5.
  4. Turkey Hill 2.79 coupon in 1 off coupon in May's Family Fun and also Cooking Light. 1.79 total.

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