For what it is worth even when you are a stay at home mom dinner time is busy time. Especially when you are pregnant and everything turns your stomach. It is difficult to cook let alone to cook a good meal for your family and then added guests. However, my trust crock pot and Kroger's Spring Dinner Campaign made this task a bit easier for me. I decided with the generous amount of food the the Bzz campaign had offered through the Kroger Spring Dinners campaign that it was too much food to serve just our family and needed to be made an occasion.

We invited over our good friends and their two preschool children to accompany my husband, myself and our daughter. I had never made a pork loin before and set out on this adventure by first researching Pinterest. I ended up attempting to make a honey mustard pork loin in the crock pot. Unfortunately this idea did not work out as expected. I had decided to use the crock pot which is a wonderful option, however, it is not good for a glazed based roast.

Since the pork was tender and delicious but without added flavor we added for the quick fix of BBQ Sauce. This is my number one tip for all cooks serving guests, have a back up plan or at least a  back up condiment. The rest of the meal went off without a hitch. The bread Kroger croissant rolls were probably the favorite of the kids followed closely by the microwavable mac n cheese Kroger Brand. That is a second tip for cooking a large meal for several people. Always have a kid staple and it can be frozen/microwave for quickness and ease. Not everything needs to be from scratch.

We rounded out our meal with the Kroger Brand cupcakes made from the Korger brand cake mix and frosting. The kids were given ample decorating supplies and candy to adorn their cupcakes. They were a fun treat and the guests took home a doggy bag of extra cupcake. (Better to sugar up their kids then mine) The Kroger Brand cake mix and frosting mix. Were comparable to all of the major brands of cake and frosting mix and at a fraction of the typical cost.

All foods mentioned were products received for free from Kroger through the Bzz Agent Kroger Spring Dinners Campaign.

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