According to DEAL SEEKING MOM. there are a few additional items in the 10 for sale that are not in the circular. They include some items with high value coupons like Helluva Good Dip. Click here to access her site with more info. As for me here is what my shopping trip will probably look like:
  1. Helluva good dip, free after coupon is doubled.
  2. Another Helluva dip, free.
  3. Ronzoni Pasta free after coupon. (Remember I still had two)
  4. Which means another Ronzoni...
  5. and another Ronzoni...
  6. and another Ronzoni and that's it. Wow I hope the food pantry needs pasta!
  7. French's Yellow Mustard, 49 cents after coupon.
  8. French's Spicy Brown, 19 cents after you use coupon above.
  9. and probably two more dips from Helluva.
  10. Obtained by printing the coupon from my Desktop as well.
My final cost for all of these items should be about 60 cents accounting for the 8 cents overage that will occur on the Ronzoni and Helluva.

Cristy M
3/22/2011 04:40:18 am

Did you know that you can load
e-coupons directly onto the Kroger
Plus card?

Gretchen Jones
3/22/2011 07:52:33 am

I did and have used them, however, beware those coupons do not get doubled and they are manufacture coupons.SO they are not stackable coupons and are often the same coupons that you get in the paper. Only you are at the disadvantage that they won't get doubled. So if it is a good coupon for several dollars off, go for it. If it is 50 cents or less, look for the paper version.


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