1. Lay's chips BOGO, use the 1 off 2 coupon from Sunday paper a few weeks back. Not really sure if this will work or not since it is BOGO, worth a try.
  2. Dole Salad use the 55 cent coupon on coupons.com area code 45449. 1.95 total.
  3. Ball Park Franks 1.79 use the 55 cent coupon from coupons.com. 1.24 total
  4. Oscar Mayer Carving Board lunch meat 2.69. Use the FB coupon on their Good Mood Mission campaign. Print soon I think these are ending soon. 69 cents each!
  5. Velveeta 32oz 5.49 use the dollar off coupon from coupons.com
  6. Jello Temptations 2.50 use this coupon. Not certain what exact discount amount is until it is printed.
  7. Nestle Toll House cookie doug 2 for 4 use the 150 off 2 coupon found here you will have to register with the site. 2.50 for 2!

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