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Also remember to sign up for M-Perks, Meijer's online coupon system that allows you to digitally load coupons onto your phone number, no card or paper needed. They often give a sign up bonus and will reward you randomly with 5 off and 2 off. Whoch can be used to get free goodies.

  • Johnsonville Brats 2.89 use the coupon here for 1.00 off, final price 1.89!
  • Kraft cheese on sale for half price, not sure what that price ill be, combine it with the M-Perks coupon for a great deal I'm sure. Coupon is 1 off 2. If you are having a trouble finding it you can look specifically under the categor packaged cheese.
  • Bush's beans 4 for 6, use the Meijer Meal Box coupon for 1 off 5. So 6.50 for 5 or 1.20 each.
  • Aunt Millie's bread buy 1 get 2 free use the coupon found on Mille's web page for 55 cents off! Deal is good on their bread and sandwich buns and there are a variety of coupons available.
  • Bi-Color corn 10 for 2, a great buy no coupon needed, however, this is a good example of what to use your 2 and 5 rewards from M-Perks on. An item that is on sale that you may not typically find coupons for.
  • Oscar Mayer Weiners on sale for 99 cents, use the coupons.com coupon for 1 off 2. Final price 98 cent for two packages. Use zip 85308 if you do not see the hot dog coupon.
  • Phillidelphia cooking cream, 2.50 use the Meijer Meal box coupon for 50 cents off, plus stack with the Sunday paper coupon for 1 off  6/5/11. Final price 1.00!
  • Chi-Chi's salsa 99 cents use the 50 cents off 1 coupon from Sunday paper 6/11/11 once doubled free salsa! Special note when you get a Chi-Chi's coupon in the paper which they usually put out once every two months hold onto that coupon until Meijer has their sale. They always due and I have not paid for salsa in over a year now, between canning my own salsa and getting this for free I have more salsa then I know what to do with.
  • Original Kraft Mac n Cheese on sale for 69 cents (amazing price) buy 5 and get a 6th for free. Final price 6 for 3.45 or 58 cents each!
  • Chex Mix on sale 5 for 5. Use the coupons.com coupon under zip code 44813 for 50 cents off one. Free once doubled! FYI this coupon has a print limit of one per computer, which is a little unusual. Don't accidentally throw away this coupon like I did!
  • Ronzoni Garden Delights 99 cents use the Sunday coupon for 1.00 of from 5/15/11.
  • Ortega products 25 percent off, plus use the Meijer Meal Box coupon for 1.00 off 4.

6/24/2011 11:10:31 am

I don't see the OM wieners in the ad

6/24/2011 12:13:22 pm

They are on page 4. Make sure you are on the add preview for next week. I am not sure if when you click on my link if it takes you to the current add or preview if you are not already signed up for the preview adds it may not direct you there.

6/28/2011 10:59:49 am

Unfortunatley I wasnt able to find the OM weiners coupon. Do they go away quickley. Thanks for all the deals..getting the salsa and the chex mix!

Heather Jones
7/1/2011 08:14:59 am

I had to tell you that you have made me a Meijer convert! I don't know if I'll ever set foot in Kroger again :)


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