Meijer preview ad. Meijer Meal Box. Meijer M-Perks.
Remember if you have not joined M-Perks yet, join! They usually give a 2 credit to start, which can be used towards most foods and merchandise. They then will often add random two and five dollar credits throughout the year.

Meijer is having their 11 for 10 sale, however, it is all on their brand items, so no available coupons.

  • Bar S Jumbo Franks 1, use the 1 off 2 coupon found here.
  • Kool Aid 10 for 1. Plus if you buy 20 you get a coupon that will print out for free Meijer sugar on your next trip. So 2 spent on Kool-Aid. Free 3 bag of sugar!
Nothing amazing yet! I'll repost if more deals come to light if they update their Meal Box coupons as they sometimes do o

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