• Toaster Strudels 3 for 6 (did you get that 1 off coupon last week?) If not use the on at Target.com it is a Manufacturer coupon for 50 cents off 1 once doubled you will still have the same value. 1 a box is a great value!
  • Kool Aid 10 for 1 use the coupon you recieve when you register for their FB contest. 50 cents off of 5. Should make them all free one doubled.
  • Breakstone's sour cream BOGO use two of the 50 off 1 coupons once double should give you 2.00. Not sure what the regular price is. Possibly will be FREE,
  • Stouffers Farmer's Harvest Entrees 2 each use the coupon again on Target for 1.10 off of two. Makes them 1.45 each. There is also a coupon for 1.10 off o 3 of the regular Entress but the Farmer's are a better deal.
  • Ball Park franks 3 for 5 use the 1 of 2 Sunday paper coupon. To get 2 for 2.32.

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