• Kool-Aid 10 for 1, use the MPerks coupon for buy 5 get 5. Final cost 10 for 50 cents!
  • Jell-o 2 for 1, buy 3 get 50 cents off MealBox coupon. Final cost 3 for 1. 
  • Mott's new Garden Blen juice 2 for 5 pair with the 1 off two Mealbox coupon. Final cost 2 each.
  • French's fied onions 2 for 5. Use the Mealbox coupon for 75 cents off three. Paired with last Sunday's 35 cents off one coupon. Depending on how many 35 cent coupons you have could be a great deal. Plus you can also get a 30 cents off coupon when you join French's online. Final cost of three with two 30 cents off one 35 cents of and 1 75 cent off for me will be, 4.85 or 1.61 each.
  • Campbell's Chunky 4 for 6. Use last Sunday's 50 cent off coupon for 4 for 5 when doubled or even better the 50 cents off three coupon on coupons.com. As low as 1.16 each!
  • Pillsbry Crescents/rolls etc, Sunday paper and coupons.com coupons should pair nicely with the M-Perks coupons for a variety of deals.
  • Pompeian Olive oil or vinegar 33% off pair with Meal Box coupon 1 off and the Pompeian site coupon for 1 off olive oil and 50 cents off vinegar. Should make for a good deal.
  • Stove Top 4 for 5 use last Sundays 50 cents off two. Once doubled two boxes for 1.50.
  • There are also a variety of coupons on Meal Box on all of the Hormel beans, Del Monte Veggies etc. most are 1 off 4 or 5. So no spectacular deals but if you need them anyway make sure to snag the coupons.

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