One of the ways I save up for Christmas gifts or other free splurges is by using my various survey points from survey panels. I am a member of various groups that tend to require an innvitation. One of my favorites is MyView you take surveys and are given points that you can then redeem for prizes. I have used it in the past to get Paypal dollars as well as gift cards to Old Navy and Think Geek. I currently have 10 invites available for anyone who would like to join this site. Just send me an email through the Contact Me tap on the left and the first 10 requests I get I will submit. Points don't take to long to accumulate as long as you are faithful to checking every couple of days for open surveys, the thing I really like about this survey group is that you are given points even when you don't qualify for each survey, just for answering the initial questions.

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    How a Tiffany Girl gone broke can feed her family and still dress like a diva for pennies a day.