As nice and luxurious as a spa manicure can be I have honestly always preferred doing my own nails. Nail polish is probably my favorite "make-up" item. It is not meant to look natural, it is meant to be and look fun.
I tend to paint my nails often but when I want to indulge I follow these steps.

First after removing old polish and shaping my nails with a nail file I warm up my paraffin dip. I discovered a few years ago that even though I am in my early 30's my hands are already starting to ache in the cold winters we have/ Combine that with a family history of arthritis and my own hobbies that involve crafting, sewing and knitting, I decided to invest in a paraffin bath which were actually originally designed for arthritis patients. Using this a few times a month keeps my hands from aching and also keeps your skin soft and healthy, plus it feels great.

Next I go for a fun color pallet. I love all shades and hues of polish, I always have. In the 80's in grade school it was fluorescent pink, in the 90's it was that electric blue. Now anything goes from retro to a polished look. Often as in this picture I like to take a classic french and add a twist to the colors. 

Now thanks to Bzz agent and my awesome free full size sample of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula lotion I am keeping my typically dry cracked winter skin soft and supple. No need to hide my hands I get to show of my perfect tips with soft supple skin. Which for me in the winter used to be nonexistent. Who needs a manicurist when you can do all of this at hope cheaper and more frequently. 

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