I am having to much fun with this Ronzoni deal at Kroger. Today I was able to pick up more boxes for church and was able to help a fellow shopper out with a coupon who was planning on getting the pasta. Here is the link for the coupon again if you need it. So how much is to much? How many free items should one get? With access to at least 3 computers with the potential of two prints each device how many coupons should one use? Is there an ethics to it? Personally I believe strike while the deal is hot but be generous with others as you have been dealt with generously. Yes with this deal I could have scored a potential 32 boxes of free pasta. I don't need that nor did I want to purchase other items to go along with them to take advantage of all of the coupons. Personally I printed out enough to give myself 6 boxes, my church food pantry 20, a random lady in the store 1 coupon and I still have two left over. They are up for grabs if anyone wants them!

3/15/2011 10:05:23 pm

Thanks for that comment. I was wondering myself how many times I should go back, I mean, it's free right? at what point do I stop? Yesterday I was in the pasta aisle, and I was trying to figure out which pastas to buy with which coupons. A lady came by and grabbed 2 of the whole wheat ones. I thought maybe I had an extra coupon for it but couldn't find it in my stash at the time. When I found it she was gone, I kept my eye out for her and was looking for her a little but couldn't find her. I will have to get better, I'm sure the person you helped really appreciated it!


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