Today I walked out the door with 4 dollars cash and about a dollar in change.

I was able to get the following:
@ Meijer two packages of Oscar Mayer carvers for 1.38 using the Good Mood Mission coupons.
@ Kroger 2, 4 packs of kids Yoplait yogurt,  bread (day old), Thai Kitchen soup (Red Plum) for 1.98
@Rite Aid I used 2 of my video values general coupons and purchased two packs of Revlon emery boards on sale for 1.47 each. I paid .94 cents and received 4 dollars in register rewards. I then used the 4 dollars in rewards to buy Jiff peanut butter and my hubby's favorite candy I had a coupon for that too although that one is no longer available. I paid an extra 59 cents.

Clearly After Meijer and Kroger I only had change. I did not have enough money to buy peanut butter the emery boards bought my peanut butter. Even if I had used the two dollar video values coupons I would not have had the money to buy the peanut butter. This is why I coupon, it is not extreme couponing, I am not clearing the shelves. I am providing for my family the best way that I can.

5/1/2011 07:20:31 am

You go girl. Got to respect you for doing your homework.


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    How a Tiffany Girl gone broke can feed her family and still dress like a diva for pennies a day.