Meijer total 3.50, yep that's right 3.50

Here is what I did:

First transaction all items 1 each.
  • 6 bags of Earth Bound Carrots. I cashed in my Recycle Bank points for 3, 2 off 2 coupons. For those who have not tried Recycle Bank it is fairly easy. I only take the occasional quiz or survey that Colin often announces on Hip2save.com. It requires minimal effort to gain points.
  • 2 Green Giant frozen veggies. Used the coupon I previously posted. Go here for the coupon.
  • 2 packages of Bar S hot dogs used the coupon also previously posted. Go here for the coupon.
  • Tropicana Juice was my 11 item so free no coupon.
                                                                    First transaction 1.
                                                              Second Transaction, (now I did a second transaction because Meijer will only allow doubling of two like coupons and since I had 4, 50 cent Green Giant coupons I needed to do separate transactions. I also sometimes separate the extra items I am getting from a given 10 for deal so that I can keep everything straight in my head!
  • Milk 2.50 a gallon
  • Nabisco cookies 1, I used the Facebook coupon for 1 off when you buy milk. Coupon is reset at the beginning of each month. Get them quick June's are already gone.
  • 2 more Green Giant veggies using above coupon.
Second transaction cost 2.50.

Final Cost an unbelievable 3.50!

6/24/2011 02:29:43 am

I like those prices, oreos , carrots milk-favorite healthy snacks!!This is a sale from almost 3 weeks ago--Great prices!!!!!I like that color of the dress too!

6/24/2011 12:17:16 pm



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    How a Tiffany Girl gone broke can feed her family and still dress like a diva for pennies a day.