Have you used the 2 off Revlon Beauty Tools coupon yet? It is a manufacturers coupon however, it is available on Target's site. I used one today at Target to pick up a pack of emery boards and low and behold their coupon machine printed out an additional two coupons one for 2 off 1 item and another for 5 off two items. I decided to go back and pick up a few more items using the coupons. I picked up for the 2 for 5 an eyelash curler and emery boards and for the 2 off 1 another pack of emery boards. Well what do you think happened. I received 4 more coupons!  2 coupons for 2 off 5 and 2 for 2 off 1. Double score of coupons. I don't know if this was a fluke or what.....but at this rate this coupon is multiplying faster then bunnies!

3/23/2011 05:53:35 am

It did the same thing for me at Meijer today! I have been buying emery boards, because they are the cheapest Revlon item I can find, for 1.50...just to save money on my total order. (Meijer has been doing the overage thing for me with these Revlon coupons). Our Target didn't even have any Revlon cosmetic tools and Walmart didn't have any under $2


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