As a Bzz agent I received a bunch of nice coupons to hand out and to use to test and review Glade's New Expression products. To be fair I had actually purchased these two sprays with some good coupons that I found online before Bzz Agent ever announced this campaign. So I have been using the sprays for about two months.  I am not a huge fan of the sprays. In fact I gave my coupon for a free spray that I received from Bzz Agent to a friend. Since I did not require three sprays and do not see myself using them very often.

The are good for the immediate ill scent. Which is why I have them set up in the bathroom and near the litter box. However they are messy. I hate having sprays fill the air with their carcinogens and frankly I did not love the cotton scented one. Could there be a better product, probably, does it fill a purpose,

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