I got everything pictured above for 21 cents.
That was just tax on the Gain as food is not taxable in Ohio. This was due in great part to Walmart's new overage policy on coupons. Basically if what you purchase is less then the value of the coupon the rest of the coupon will apply to your other purchases. So this is what I did:
I used two of the 3.00 Gain coupons, from a past Sunday paper. The Gain I purchased was 1.87, each (total 3.74). This gave me an overage credit of  2.26.
I got all of the Beech Nut products for free from coupons the company sent me for joining their group. I used all of the overage to purchase cheese at 2.00 a bag and two packets of Lemonade at 10 cents a pouch. These were all things on my list of groceries I needed anyway! I was so scared that this scenario would not work out and when I saw the 3 coupon take credit I breathed a sigh of relief. So the moral is use those overage coupons even on things you don't need to buy the things that you do! To sing up for Beech Nut go here.

Corrie Becker
3/10/2011 08:51:17 pm

They don't have those amazing Gain coupons anywhere anymore do they? I need dryer sheets! I also need cleaning spray...do you know of any good deals? :)

Gretchen Jones
3/10/2011 09:14:52 pm

Nothing yet, I'll let you know what I might find coming up though.


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