In my review for the second type of product that I was asked to review by Bzz Agent I have a much more positive report then with the sprays. I received a coupon for a free Glade Expressions oil diffuser. This product has my vote and my Bzz. Not only is it a pretty diffuser, it smells nice. In fact it has a very gentle scent that is constant. Unlike a lot of diffusers that are timed or that tend to lose their scent this diffuser has lasted and lasted. I smell it each time I walk into the room that it is set in. I also enjoy the apple fragrance for this one. Unlike the other scents the fragrance of an apple is fairly neutral and not overpowering. You do not tire of it's gentle scent nor are you overwhelmed by it. This is a product that I will continue to use. I would just love it if they would get some fall fragrances in that are found in their other products.

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