When you get reward dollars back from CVS or Rite Aid, shop smart and roll those rewards into more rewards. Last week I needed to buy a razor for the hubby. The one I bought was 9.99 with a 4 reward. I also had a 4 dollar coupon. I held onto the 4 reward till this week and then did the following scenario to get all of the above for 3.47 including tax.
Purchased 2 more Dove deodorants using 2 off coupon on coupons.com In the same transaction I purchased Revlon eye make up on sale for 6.49 with an extra 4 reward at the end of the transaction. I also got another 1 of Kellogs product from the magic coupon machine. My total for this first purchase was 3.20.
Second transaction I used my 4 rewards to buy a Revlon nail polish on sale for 3.99 with an extra 3 reward at the end of the transaction. Total 27 cents tax.
Third transaction I used the 3 dollars to purchase two bags of Goldfish crackers on sale for 1.50 each. My rewards stopped there. I could have bought another polish if I had wanted even and still got the Goldfish, at a fourth transaction, however the colors I liked were limited and since I was using literally the change out of my coin purse I didn't want to add another 27 cents.
So all in all about 50 cents an item. My daughter is happy to have Goldfish Crackers and nail polish for mommy to paint her nails with, my husband won't smell for a year now and I got some new make up too!

Please note it occurred to me that had I tried for two Revlon polishes the second one would have cost me 99 cents in addition to the 3 credit and then 27 cents tax. So still not a bad deal but certainly not completely free.
3/11/2011 00:41:19

You amaze me. Did they give you any problem using the Dove coupon even though it says "Redeem at Walmart"?


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