Kroger deals in the buy 10 get 5 off. Please to recieve these prices you must purchase 10 items in whatever amount you choose to get the prices. You must purchase items in groups of 10. Purchasing an 11th item will result in the 11th item costing the non special sale price.
  1. Healthy harvest pasta 49 cents off Get 2 boxes free with Ronsoni Coupon for 1 off 2. 
  2. Coca Cola 89 cents I'm using my Recycle Bank coupons that I cashed in awhile back. Don't know about Recycle Bank click here.
  3. International Delights Creamer 1.99 (32 oz) 1.44 with 55 cent off coupon from International Delights Site.
  4. Annie's Organic Mac N Cheese 49 cents, no coupon but a great deal.
This is my personal shopping plan:
  • 2 Coca Cola's with 2 dollar off coupons .00
  • 2 Coca Cola's with a BoGo .89
  • 6 Healthy Harvest coupons using 3 coupons. 00
Final Cost .89 cents for

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