Please note some of the internet coupons mentioned are no longer available, that is why I always recommend to print while you can, if it is something you regularly buy.
KRAFT CHEESE 1.88 if the touch of Philly are included in the sale use the coupon from earlier this week (no longer available) to make them 88 cents each!

BIRD'S EYE frozen veggies on sale for .89 use the .75 cents off 3 coupon from coupons.com. Final price 1.92 for three. (area code 77494)

Select KELLOGS on sale 4 for 10, plus get a free gallon of milk. Use a variety of coupons from Kellogs website. One possible scenario buy 4 boxes of Rice Krispies use 2, 1 off coupons, pay 8 dollars for 4 boxes of cereal and one gallon of milk. There is also a high value Special K protein bar coupon, if this is included in the sale you could buy 4 boxes use 4, off coupons pay 6 dollars for 4 boxes and a gallon of milk.

REDDI WIP 1.89 use the 1.00 off 2 coupon from last Sunday's paper. Pair it with 2 i off coupons from Meijer Meal Box. Final price 78 cents for two!

STOVE TOP 4 for 5. Use the .50 off coupon from coupons.com. Once double 25 cents a box.(coupon no longer available online)

LOG CABIN syrup 2 for 5 use Sunday coupon for 1 off. Plus pair it with the Meijer Meal Box coupon for 1 off 2. Final price if you use two Sunday coupons 2 for 2! (I love this syrup as it does not contain high fructose corny syrup)

DOLE canned fruit 97 cents use the Sunday coupon for 1 off three, final price 1.91 for three.

MIRACLE WHIP 2for 5 use the Sunday coupon for 1.50 off 2 final price 3.50.
KRAFT dressing 1.99 use Sunday coupon for 1 off 2. Final price 2.98

4/16/2011 01:29:51 am

There are also 2 birdseye coupons from the 3/20 SS...50 cents off 2 steamfresh varieties and 50 cents off 2 freshlike varieties. If these are both 89 cents then after coupon is doubled they would be 39 cents each.

4/17/2011 04:10:31 am

I was in the store today and did notice that the Kraft touch of philly was apart of the sale.


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