and 1.54 of that was tax!

It's kind of hard to see everything so here is a run down of the products, 4 travel size Secret Deodorants, 1 Oral B Toddler Stages toothpaste, 1 pack of Revlon emery boards, 1 Cover Girl base make up, 1 Rimmel eye shadow, 1 Physicians Formula green cover up with free bonus concealer, 2 travel size Purex 3-1 (each contains two sheets), 1 bottle of Natural Instincs Hair Dye and lastly two Pringles stacks of chips.

So here is how it worked, I used a lot of paper coupons from the paper and P&G for this one. Remember that stack of P&G coupons you could sens away for? Well they came in handy tonight.
  • 4 Secret Deodorant Travel size .97 each.
    I used 4, 1 off P&G Secret coupons from the coupon booklet (no longer available).
  • 2 Stacks of Pringles 1.00 each.
    1 P&G Pringles coupon for 1 off 2.
  • 1 Clairol Natural Insincts clearance at 1
    5 off Clairol Natural Instincts Coupon from paper 2 weeks ago, select Natural Instincts on clearance right now. 
  • 1 Revlon emery boards, 1.87
    Revlon Coupon 2 off beauty tool. Emery boards price 1.87. This coupon is on Targets site but it is a Manufacture Coupon.
  • 2 Purex 3-1, .97 each.                              Coupons for 1 off, from Sunday paper 2 weeks ago.
  • Cover Girl base make-up clearanced at 4      1 P&G coupon for 1 off Cover Girl.
  • Oral B Stages clearanced at 2.                       1 Sunday paper coupon (date?)
  • Rimmel Eye makeup 2.47                                2 off coupon. (This was on coupons.com but appears to be gone).
  • Physicians Formual Green stick concealer with bonus beige concealer cost 5.68.            5 off Physicians Formula coupon from their site a few weeks back no longer available.
Finals cost should have been 24.84 before coupons (keep in mind a lot of those are clearanc prices). 23 in coupons and overage. 1.84 cost, 1.54 in tax final out of pocket cost 3.38!

3/18/2011 23:00:40

AWESOME! I'm impressed!!!!!! You are GOOD!


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