Meijer ad/Mperks/MealBox

  1. Smart Ones on sale 5 for 10 plus an automatic 4 off when you buy 10, if I am reading the ad correctly. Plus use the coupons from the Smart One's site, for 1 off 5. Final cost 14 dollars for 20 meals.
  2. Pillsbury sweet moments 2, use the coupons.com coupon for 1.00. Final cost 1
  3. Did you remember to print the FB Nabisco cookies and milk coupon? I did not : ( But if you did Cookies are 2.50 and when you buy three you get a gallon of milk for free. Stack this with your coupons for a pretty good deal.
  4. Campbells's tomato and chicken noodle soup 59 cents. Use the 1.00 off coupon found here on Campbell's site. FInal cost 1.95 for 5, or 39 cents a can. Great price to stock up on for fall and winter lunches!
More to come waiting for the Mealbox and M-Perks coupons to load to match with the ad.

11 for 10 Sale!!!!
Meijer Ad

Additional good deals Totinos Pizza's get a coupon for 1.00 future purchase when you buy 4 for 5 dollars. Use Smart Source coupon for 1.00 of four stack with the Meijer Meal Box coupon for 1.00 off 4. Final cost 3 for 4 plus 1.00 towards your next trip.

  1. Smart One's 5 for 10. Buy 10 get 5 off automatically plus use two of the 1 off 5 coupons found here. Final cost 10 for 13 dollars.

As the wife of a teacher and someone who has worked in the education field for 7 plus years I get how expensive school supplies are here are a few upcoming sales:

Staples: 7/31-8/6 (click here for ad)
  • 2 pocket folder 1 cent each when you spend 5 on something else. Limit 10. Teacher limit 25.
  • Pencil top erasers 10 cents a pack. Limit 2
  • 2 pack of Sharpies. 25 cents. Limit 2
  • There are also a variety of other good sales on other basic supplies for 1 or 2 click above for the ad.
Office Depot: 7/31-8/6 click here for ad.
  • 5 cent protractor. Limit 5
  • Free backpack and lunch tote when you spend 15 or more.
Office Max 7/31-8/6 click here for ad.
  • Wooden ruler 1 cent limit two. Teacher limit 4.
  • 24 count generic crayons 1 cent limit two. Teacher limit 4.
  • Buy 2 get 2 free Expo Markers
  • Bonus for teacher's Sunday and Monday are Teacher days with giveaways and special discounts for the first 150 teachers. You will need to sign up for Max rewards click here for more info.

Meijer sale flyer. The stores have been having a real slump since the 4th of July with nor real good sales. I think that this week is going to be much better.

Meijer M-Perks, Meijer Meal Box

Meijer 11 for 10 sale.
  • Chex Mix use the 7/17 Sunday paper coupon for 50 cents off one. Free when doubled.
  • Bar-S Hotdogs use the 1 off 2 coupon. Final cost 2 for 1.
  • Bugles use the 7/17 Sunday paper coupon for 50 cents off one. Free when doubled.
  • Helper meals use the 7/17 Sunday paper coupon for 75 cents off three. Final cost 2.25.
  • Michellina's 1 off 5 coupon here. Final cost 5 for 4 dollars.
  • Earth Bound organic carrots. If you are a member of Recycle bank print off the 2.00 off 2 coupon. Final cost free. (Special note carrotts do not freeze!!! Learned this the hard way).
  • Kraft Cheese!!!! It's 1. I have never seen this happen before!!! Have not seen a coupon yet but who cares it's 1!!!! JUST NOTICED THIS IS FOR THE SMALL SIZES IN THE SALAD SECTION! THEY ARE ONLY AN OZ.
  • Old Orchard frozen Juice, join Old Orchards site to print coupon for 1 off 4. Final cost 4 for 3

Meijer preview ad. Meijer Meal Box. Meijer M-Perks.
Remember if you have not joined M-Perks yet, join! They usually give a 2 credit to start, which can be used towards most foods and merchandise. They then will often add random two and five dollar credits throughout the year.

Meijer is having their 11 for 10 sale, however, it is all on their brand items, so no available coupons.

  • Bar S Jumbo Franks 1, use the 1 off 2 coupon found here.
  • Kool Aid 10 for 1. Plus if you buy 20 you get a coupon that will print out for free Meijer sugar on your next trip. So 2 spent on Kool-Aid. Free 3 bag of sugar!
Nothing amazing yet! I'll repost if more deals come to light if they update their Meal Box coupons as they sometimes do o

I found an update on the company's blog. It states the following info:

Valid only on July 7th for the first 50 people at our Noodles & Company locations for one FREE Ten° Salad Tee and one Summertime Salad. Only one per person. Restaurant opens at 10:30am. Note: Excludes restaurants in Tennessee, Nebraska, St. Louis, and Columbia, Mo.

Visit the blog here to read all of the info.

Hanes is giving away 700 pairs of socks every Tuesday for the month of July on their Facebook page. It does not appear that you have to be one of the first 700 to recieve this award. When you click on the enter button they have you submit your info. I am guessing that they will randomly draw 700 winners each Tuesday. For their Facebook page go here.


I just got this incredible offer in an email. You can get up to 10 free salads to eat all yourself or share!!! Go here to visit Noodle and Co's website, however, I didn't see anything about this offer on their site only in my email!

There is a rare coupon for 3 off Gas for your grill AmeriGas with a cylinder exchange. Go to coupons.com and use 98502.

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