As a Bzz agent I received a bunch of nice coupons to hand out and to use to test and review Glade's New Expression products. To be fair I had actually purchased these two sprays with some good coupons that I found online before Bzz Agent ever announced this campaign. So I have been using the sprays for about two months.  I am not a huge fan of the sprays. In fact I gave my coupon for a free spray that I received from Bzz Agent to a friend. Since I did not require three sprays and do not see myself using them very often.

The are good for the immediate ill scent. Which is why I have them set up in the bathroom and near the litter box. However they are messy. I hate having sprays fill the air with their carcinogens and frankly I did not love the cotton scented one. Could there be a better product, probably, does it fill a purpose,
Chocolate and peanut butter, were two other things more perfectly matched? I love chocolate and peanut butter. My favorite thing in the world is a frozen Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. If I don't have any around I am happy with a spoonful of Jiff with chocolate chips. I am not picky when it comes to P.B and chocolate.
So far I have tried the M&M type Unreal candies and they beat out real M&M's for me. The chocolate was genuinely good. However when my family sat down and compared Unreal and Reese's, Reese's could not be beat. I am sorry to say that the Unreal did not win me over this time. Nor did my husband care for them. My four year old was happy to have chocolate so she had no real preference. So while Unreal is on to something they still have a worthy competitor to try and match, they aren't a candy icon for no reason. As a Bzz Agent I received a coupon for one free candy item by Unreal as well as BOGO coupons to pass out to friends. 
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A final report on my experience with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition that I received free as a Bzz Agent. As I reported on Monday after one full week I just wasn't wowed. I had noticed my hair really felt greasy in the morning and wondered if it was the extra nutrition or the unsesonably warm weather. On Tuesday I used Tresseme, on Wednesday I used Suave. (Today I went back to the Garnier) Guess what my hair felt the same throughout the day and looked the same in the morning. So it was not the Garnier making my hair more greasy.
Overall, my hair is healthy and looks good and feels good. This may be a product better used in the middle of the winter dry season when I need extra moisture. Overall I would rate it average. While I gave myself a two week window to report, this will be my last report on day 11 out of the two week challenge. I just can't imagine my report and final analysis changing between now and then.

I am going to go out on a limb here though and add some free Bzz to a hair care product that just hit the market. Clear is a shampoo and conditioner line that just hit the market. It is a dandruff shampoo, however, it is not your dad's Head and Shoulders. I actually participated in a blind market study of this product in the fall of 2010. When it was over they revealed the product. However, it was not something you could buy yet. Yesterday I was really excited when on a mommy blog site to see advertised that you could currently get a free sample of a new dandruff product called Clear. I was so excited as I have been waiting for this product to be available to purchase. So while I will continue to use my Garnier samples till they run out. Once they do I will be picking up Clear.

You will have to excuse my inner farm girl hair today. I have been taking advantage of the warm weather to get my veggie seeds planted. As a Bzz agent I received the Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner for free to review and try out. As a personal challenge to see what I thought of the product I have given myself a two week challenge where I have only used these products on my hair. I have not even used any styling products in the last week.

The product is overall in my weeks worth opinion, average. My hair is healthy as the product's purpose is to nurture dry hair. Done and check it has delivered in that regard. However, every morning when I wake up prior to washing my hair for the day, my hair is overall kinda greasy. The king of morning hair you would never let anyone see.

The product package boasts on the front that it contains three major health nutrients for your hair, avocado oil, olive oil and Shea. Of course as any good consumer knows the main ingredient in any product is always listed first in the ingredient list. Most of the time for anything this is water followed by a variety of other ingredients that only a student of science would know the definition for. I was however, surprised that far before on the list of the three advertised oils was another quite different oil. Castor oil, you know the oil that sick children receive in the likes of old Mary Poppins stories. So perhaps this is the oil that is weighing my hair down.I think this product would be best used in conjunction of other products so that the hair is not too heavily conditioned. So with that in mind for week two I will alternate a few other products in my repertoire that I have used before to see if I notice a difference.

Happy Star Wars day! Garnier Fructis challenge day number 5. as a Bzz Agent I received the triple nutrition products for free. It helped me with my fabulous up due today.

Today is day 4 of my use of Garnier's New Triple Nutrition shampoo and conditioner that I received free as a Bzz agent. My opinion could still go either way. I like the scent and the nutrition that my hair has during the day. However, first thing in the morning my roots are rather oily. Maybe too much nutrition? Or perhaps it's just due to the early summer heat. I also used it on my 4 year old last night and her locks are as beautiful and golden as ever.


As a Bzzagent I received a free full size sample of Garnier Fructis's new Triple Nutrition shampoo and conditioner. I have fairly long hair about 12 inches past the nape of my neck. I don't use a lot of chemicals on it and for the most part it is fairly healthy. However, it is dry and brittle. I am excited to use this product for two weeks straight and see if there is a difference in the quality of my hair.
I'll keep you posted and post updates along the way.


Hamburger Helper .88 use coupon for 80 cents off four. Total 2.72 for four or .68 each.
Progresso soup .88 use coupon for 50 cents off two. If coupon doubles final cost .76 cents for two cans!
Rice a Roni .88 use coupon on Facebook for 1.00 off four. Final cost 2.52 for four or .63 cents each!
Fuze .88 clip Fry coupon electronically to Fry Card for 1 off 6. Final cost 4.28 or ,71 each.
Snack Packs .88 clip Fry's coupon electronically for .50 off when you buy three. 2. 14 for three or 71 cents each.
Chefy Boyardee .88 Fry's coupon 1.00 off 6. 4.28 for 6 cans or 71 cents each.
Banquet Dinners .88 cents use Fry's coupon for 1 off 6. finals cost 4.28 for 6 or 71 cents each.
Banquet Brown and Serve sausage .88 use Fry's coupon for 50 off three. 71 cents each.

Currently you can print a 5 off the Blu Ray 3d combo pack for the Lion King on Disney Movie Rewards site. Also Wholly Guacamole is offering a 5 mail in rebate. Pair this with one of the 1.50 off or 2.00 off coupons on Wholly from Facebook a few weeks back for a great deal. I picked up guac at Walmart for .48 cents after the 2.00 coupon. So a great deal since we are planning to buy the Lion King movie. They do currently still have a 1.00 off coupon.
Plus if you do not want the 3d version there is that coupon for 5 off in the kids meals from Subway.


  • Kool-Aid 10 for 1, use the MPerks coupon for buy 5 get 5. Final cost 10 for 50 cents!
  • Jell-o 2 for 1, buy 3 get 50 cents off MealBox coupon. Final cost 3 for 1. 
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  • Campbell's Chunky 4 for 6. Use last Sunday's 50 cent off coupon for 4 for 5 when doubled or even better the 50 cents off three coupon on As low as 1.16 each!
  • Pillsbry Crescents/rolls etc, Sunday paper and coupons should pair nicely with the M-Perks coupons for a variety of deals.
  • Pompeian Olive oil or vinegar 33% off pair with Meal Box coupon 1 off and the Pompeian site coupon for 1 off olive oil and 50 cents off vinegar. Should make for a good deal.
  • Stove Top 4 for 5 use last Sundays 50 cents off two. Once doubled two boxes for 1.50.
  • There are also a variety of coupons on Meal Box on all of the Hormel beans, Del Monte Veggies etc. most are 1 off 4 or 5. So no spectacular deals but if you need them anyway make sure to snag the coupons.

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